Sæson 10/11

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Feeling Kinda lonelySlipped & FellPeople Are CrazyTake A BreatherJust A Memory
Mamma MariaI Just Want To DanceWalk With MeI Just Want To Dance‘Bout Them Girls
RoughcutMidnight WaltzI Just Want To DanceEverybody’s HereHold Me In Your Arms
Little RhumbaDo The Cha Cha ChaHomeward BoundRhyme Or ReasonUnder The Sun
Mama’s Pearls‘Bout Them GirlsBaby Doll WaltzWalk With MeSpeak To The Sky
Boys Will Be BoysTake A BreatherHello DollyBobbi With An IPeople Are Crazy
Lindi ShuffleEverybody’s HereEverybody SwingMidnight WaltzBaby Dream
Poor Boy BluesAskin’ QuestionsCabo San Lucas‘Bout Them GirlsHomeward Bound
Forever and EverBaby Doll WaltzPerfect DayAskin’ QuestionsI Just Want To Dance
Hop ItTaillights BlueTaillights BlueDo The Cha Cha ChaKnee Deep
Perfect DayHello DollyRhyme Or ReasonCrazy DevilsLove, JoAnn
Hello DollyWalking In The RainWalking In The RainCreepin’ Up 
Taillights BlueHands UpBlue Night ChaFreight Train 
A Little Irish SpiritHomeward Bound1234Just A Memory 
Peaches & CreamT’Morrow Never KnowsJust A MemoryBaby Doll Waltz 
Oh SuzannahFreight TrainVertical ExpressionsHomeward Bound 
Everybody SwingBig JimmyBig JimmyHello Dolly 
Love, JoAnn1234Everybody’s HerePerfect Day 
Rollin’ With The FlowAll I Need Is YouGet Your KicksGet Your Kicks 
Little BluffI Run To YouKnee DeepAll I Need Is You 
 Rhyme Or ReasonI Run To YouBig Jimmy 
  Wonderland WaltzTaillights Blue 
  All You Need.1234 
   I Run To You 
   Wrong Side Of The Road 
   Everybody Swing 
   Wonderland Waltz 
   Rollin’ With The Flow 
   Calypso Mexico 
   Amor Mafioso 
   Gave It All Away 
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